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Figure 2 | Cough

Figure 2

From: An overview of the sensory receptors regulating cough

Figure 2

Photomicrographs of the guinea pig trachea showing (a) all nerve fibers immunostained for the pan neuronal marker Protein Gene Product 9.5; (b) jugular ganglia derived chemosensitive C-fiber plexus immunostained for substance P and (c-f) four representative nodose ganglia-derived low threshold mechanosensors (putative cough receptors) stained using the Fluorescent Marker (FM) 2–10. Note the clear distinction between the terminal arrangements of airway C-fibers and cough receptors. The terminal structure of guinea pig SARs, RARs and Aδ-chemosensors is presently unknown. Magnification: X40 (a), X100 (b) and X200 (c-f).

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