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Figure 2 | Cough

Figure 2

From: Evaluation of an ambulatory system for the quantification of cough frequency in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Figure 2

Representative recording of coughing during sleep. VT = tidal volume; Fb = breathing frequency; Mic = contact microphone output; SE = sound envelope; HR = heart rate; ECG = electrocardiograph tracing; Posture = body position defined as upright, supine, right decubitis and left decubitis; Cough = cough output from LS algorithm. The first shaded bar contains the cough bout. Ten coughs occurred during the 9-sec bout. Each cough is indicated by a single solid line at the end of the breath that contains the cough. Note that the cough bout was followed by a 15-sec apnea (second shaded bar). Entire duration of depicted recording is 1-min and 23-sec.

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