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Table 3 Key points in history indicating the reflux origin of the cough

From: Cough in adult cystic fibrosis: diagnosis and response to fundoplication

Hoarseness or a problem with the voice
Clearing the throat
Excess mucus in the throat, or drip down the back of the nose
Retching or vomiting when coughing
Cough on first lying down or bending over
Chest tightness or wheeze when coughing
Heartburn, indigestion, stomach acid coming up
A tickle in the throat, or a lump in the throat
Cough with eating (during or straight after meals)
Cough with certain foods
Cough when getting out of bed in the morning
Cough brought on by singing or speaking (for example, on the telephone)
Coughing during the day rather than night
A strange taste in the mouth