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Table 3 Over-the-counter and prescription medicines available for the therapy of acute cough

From: Acute cough: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

Type of product Component Available in
combinations with
OTC or prescription; formulation
Cough suppressant Benzonatate - Prescription; perles and capsules
  DXM polistirex - OTC; extended-release suspension
  DXM Antihistamine: promethazine Prescription; syrup
  Hydrocodone Agent to discourage overdose: homatropine Prescription; tablet and syrup
  Hydrocodone Antihistamine: chlorpheniramine Prescription; extended-release suspension and extended-release capsule
Antihistamine Brompheniramine - Prescription; elixir and injection
  Brompheniramine Cough suppressant + decongestant:
DMX + pseudoephedrine
Prescription; syrup
  Chlorpheniramine Cough suppressant: codeine Prescription; extended-release suspension
  Clemastine - OTC or prescription; tablet and syrup
  Desloratadine - Prescription; tablet and syrup
  Desloratadine Decongestant: pseudoephedrine Prescription; extended-release tablet
  Dexbrompheniramine Decongestant: pseudoephedrine OTC; extended-release tablet
  Dexbrompheniramine Decongestant + antipyretic: pseudoephedrine + acetaminophen OTC; extended-release tablet
  Diphenhydramine - Prescription; injection, elixir and capsule
  Loratadine - OTC; tablet and syrup
  Loratadine Decongestant: pseudoephedrine OTC; extended-release tablet
  Promethazine Cough suppressant: codeine Prescription; syrup
  Promethazine Cough suppressant + decongestant:
codeine + phenylephrine
Prescription; syrup
  Promethazine Cough suppressant + decongestant + antihistamine: codeine + phenylephrine + triprolidine Prescription; syrup
Expectorant Guaifenesin - OTC; tablet
  Guaifenesin Cough suppressant: DXM OTC; tablet
  Guaifenesin Decongestant: pseudoephedrine OTC; tablet
  1. OTC = over-the-counter; DXM = dextromethorphan