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Table 2 Recommended dosages for antitussives, demulcents and topical anaesthetics

From: Clinical expert guidelines for the management of cough in lung cancer: report of a UK task group on cough

Medication Dosage
Simple linctus 5 ml tds/qds
Dextromethorphan 10-15 mg tds/qds
Codeine 30-60 mg qds
Pholcodine 10 ml tds
Morphine (oramorph) 5 mg (single dose trial of oramorph; if effective 5-10 mg slow release morphine bd)
Diamorphine 5-10 mg CSCI/24 hrs
Methadone linctus Single dose 2 mg (2 mL of 1 mg/mL solution)
Dihydrocodeine* 10 mg tds
Hydrocodone 5 mg bd
Inhaled cromoglycate 10 mg qds
Levodropropizine* 75 mg tds
Moguisteine* 100-200 mg tds
Levocloperastine* 20 mg tds
Nebulised Lidocaine# 5 ml of 0.2% tds
Nebulised Bupivacaine# 5 ml of 0.25% tds
Benzonatate* 100-200 mg qds
Prednisolone 30 mg daily for 2 weeks
  1. t.d.s.: 3 times daily; q.d.s.: 4 times daily; csci: subcutaneously; b.d.: twice daily.
  2. *Not available in the UK and some other countries.
  3. #Avoid food/drinks for at least 1 hr; first dose as inpatient in case of reflex bronchospasm.