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Table 3 Clinical Studies with Levodropropizine vs Central antitussives in adults

From: Cough management: a practical approach

Study Sample Size Design Disease Results
Allegra et al. Arneim. Forsch./Drug Res., vol. 38 (II) 8: 1163-6, 1988. 174 adults The studies have been conducted as follow:
1-2 Studies: vs Placebo
3-4 Studies: vs Morclofone 1%
5-6 studies: Cloperastine drops 2%
Bronchitis - LDP antitussive action resulted in being higher than placebo and morclofone and similar to cloperastin.
- LDP showed effective in about 80% patients: in responders the cough frequency was reduced by 33-51%.
Catena. et al. Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 1997; 10: 89-96. 209 adults Double blind randomized vs Dextromethorphan Non productive cough - The results bear out the effectiveness of LDP as an antitussive comparable with dextromethorphan
- The results support a less incidence of somnolence and nightly awakenings in the LDP's group
Luporini G. et al Eur Respir J 1998; 12: 97-101 140 adults Double blind randomized vs Dihydrocodeine Lung Tumor - The antitussive effect of LDP was comparable with the reference drug, Dihydrocodeine. LDP induced significantly less somnolence compared to Dihydrocodeine.