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Table 1 List of papers with authors

From: Summary of papers presented at the 2012 seventh international cough symposium

A. Basic Science of Cough:
  Chen L, Lomask J, Lai K, Jiang B, and Zhong N. Detection of mouse cough based on sound monitoring.
  Clarke R, Curtis TA, Cosby SL, McGarvey L, and Lundy FT. An in vitro model for pain and neurogenic inflammation in the oro-facial region and upper airways.
  Hanacek J, Tatar M, Stransky A, and Tomori Z. Professor John Widdicombe - spiritus movens of Slovak experimental respirology.
  Iwata T, Ito I, Niimi A, Ikegami K, Marumo S, Tanabe N, Nakaji H, Matsumoto H, Oguma T, Inoue H, Tajiri T, Nagasaki T, Kanemitsu Y, Kamei J, Setou M, and Mishima M. Mice with immotile cilia spontaneously cough due to mechanical stimuli of postnasal drip.
  Mutolo D, Bongianni F, Cinelli E, Giovannini MG, and Pantaleo T. Activation of ERK1/2 in the caudal nucleus tractus solitarii is required for the mediation of cough reflex responses in the rabbit.
  Noguchi T, Soeda F, Shirasaki T, Akaike N, and Takahama K. Further studies on properties of antitussive activity of human coagulation factor (f-XIa) in guinea pigs.
  Poliacek I, Simera M, Veternik M, Machac P, Barani H, Visnovcova N, and Jakus J. Medullary midline raphe contributes to phase duration control of tracheobronchial coughing - codeine trials in cat.
  Simera M, Poliacek I, Veternik M, Dobrolubov B, Barani H, Visnovcova N, and Jakus J. Effect of kainic acid medullary raphe lesions on cough in anesthetized rabbits.
  Takahama K, Noguchi T, Kamei S, lto Y, and Akaike N. Discovery of a potent cough suppressant substance extracted from the plasma in humans.
  Tomori Z, Donic V, and Jakus J. Perspective applications of the aspiration, expiration and cough reflexes, as well as their voluntary counterparts.
  Varechova S, Demoulin B, Inglebert Y, LeTuan T, Leblanc A-L, Schweitzer C, and Marchal F. Long term sensitisation of cough and expiration reflex in adult rabbits by 48 hour postnatal normobaric hyperoxia.
  Veterník M, Šimera M, Jakuš J, and Poliaček I. Effect of moving average window width on integration of EMG signal.
B. Clinical Science of Cough:
  Buday, T, Brozmanova, M, Biringerova, Z, Gavliakova, S, Poliacek, I, Calkovsky, V, Shetthalli, MV, Plevkova, J: Urge to cough, cough sensitivity and intensity after nasal TRPM8 and TRPA1 agonists challenges
  Ebihara, S, Gui, P, Ebihara, T, Kashiwazaki, N, Ito, K, Kanezaki, M, Kohzuki, M: Urge-to-cough and dyspnoea conceal perception of pain in healthy adults
  Chellini, E, Gonfiotti, A, Magni, C, Innocenti, M, Jaus, M, Lavorini, F, De Francisci, A, Fontana, G, Macchiarini, P: Membranous tracheobronchial reduction surgery for excessive dynamic airway collapse associated with intractable chronic cough
  Ito, I, Ishida, T, Tachibana, H, Tomioka, H, Kadowaki, S, Tanabe, N, Niimi, A, Mishima, M: Presence of dry cough symptom may prevent recurrent fever in patients treated for pneumonia
  Kanemitsu, Y, Nimi, A, Matsumoto, H, Ito, I, Oguma, T, Inoue, H, Tajiri, T, Iwata, T, Nagasaki, T, Mishima M: Cough assessed by the Leicester Cough Questionnaire (LCQ) in patients with cough variant asthma: impact of sex and gastric dysmotility
  La-Crette, J, Lee, KK, Saito, J, Hull, J, Chung, KF, Birring, SS: The development of a cough hypersensitivity questionnaire (CHQ)
  Mason, NP: Altitude-related cough
  Ogawa, H, Fujimura, M, Takeuchi, Y, Makimura, K: The significance of sensitization to Bjerkandera adusta in the successful treatment of chronic idiopathic cough patients
  Ohkura, N, Fujimura M: Relation between bronchoconstriction-triggered cough and protective reaction against bronchoconstriction
  Ryan, NM, Birring, SS, Gibson, PG: Gabapentin treatment for refractory chronic cough: a randomized controlled trial
  Smith, JA, Murdoch, R, Newlands, A, Khalid, S, Smart, K, Kelsall, A, Holt, K, Dockry, R, Woodcock, A: The impact of a selective oral TRPV1 antagonist in patients with chronic cough
  Wei, ET, Vitins, P: Design of topical sensory agonists for cough
  Xu, X, Chen, Q, Liang, S, Lv, H, Qiu, Z: Prediction of gastroesophageal reflux-induced cough with questionnaire for patients with upper gastrointestinal symptoms
  Zhang, Q, Li, N, Liu, M, Liao, L, He, M, Feng, M, Li, J: The effect of temperature during sputum processing on inflammatory markers