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Table 2 Leicester cough questionnaire scores change in CPAP-treated chronic cough patients

From: A longitudinal study of CPAP therapy for patients with chronic cough and obstructive sleep apnoea

  CPAP treated patients (n=19)
LCQ domains Baseline Final P value
Physical 4.6±1.2 5.2±1.1 0.086
Pyschologic 4.1±1.4 5.3±1.2 0.005
Social 3.8±1.7 5.5±1.6 0.003
LCQ Total 12.5±4 16.6±3.9 0.002
Duration of follow up (days) 157.3±108.5
  1. Abbreviations: CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure, LCQ Leicester cough questionnaire.