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Figure 3

From: Resuscitation and auto resuscitation by airway reflexes in animals

Figure 3

Cardio-respiratory failure in anaesthetized cat during asphyxia andresuscitation by AspR. Cardio-respiratory changes in anaesthetized catduring asphyxia caused by inhalation of CO2 and resuscitation byAspR provoked by mechanical stimulation of nasopharynx (NPh). Recordings, fromabove: ECGII- electrocardiogram, BPfa- blood pressure infemoral artery, Ppl – pleural pressure, V´ –tracheal airflow, VT – tidal volume, Sig. – signal foradministration of CO2 or stimulation of nasopharynx, x –continuation of recording, t – time indicated in intervals of5 seconds. Reproduced with permission and modified from [18].

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